King Conn – November Collection 2011
november 2, 2011, 11:22 am
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In the eyes of King Conn we are all unique villains in the kingdom we call our world. That’s why we will provide you with exclusive t-shirt designs that will get one round only in the pressing plant. The only way you can get your hands one of these fine, excellent and utterly royal designs, is by pre-ordering your shirt before the final, announced date.

Each month, his royal highness will release three new prints. Two of those will be his personal designs. Since the king loves his people, he will give a chance to the young and the talented to come up with the third monthly design, thus giving young artists within his kingdom a unique chance to promote their personal work and portfolio. These will be our Royal Guest…

Eager to become a villain?
Make sure you become a fan or visit this page on a regular basis to keep up with new designs and to place your order.

How to place your order?
E-mail your requested product number, color, size, name and adress to the following address: The royal guards will
contact you for further info and details.

The product price includes all shipping fees within Europe. Shipping fees to other continents will bring an extra coin to the bill! And since we all love presents as much as the king himself, we will send out some other royal and exclusive gadgets and competitions along with your purchase.

So, basicaly what you have to do is:
01. Become a fan, Visit this page on a regular basis or sign up for our monthly royal newsletter.
02. Pre-order and pay the fee befor the final, announced date.
03. Be pacient and recieve your exclusive fresh print by Post-order.


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